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Illinois State Senator’s Cannabis Company Under Investigation
An Illinois state senator is the subject of an investigation by state officials who are probing her role in a cannabis company she operates. The investigation into Sen. Patricia Van Pelt by the office of Secretary of State Jesse White was reported by television station WGN on Wednesday afternoon. Van Pelt, a Democrat, represents a… View Article

Florida Petition to Put Cannabis On 2020 Ballot Has Gathered Enough Signatures
While there are still a number of big hurdles to clear before recreational weed becomes legal in Florida, that possibility is looking more and more likely. Currently, there are three proposals calling for legalization. One of them, being proposed by Make it Legal Florida, has just hit its first big milestone. Now, the proposal must… View Article

Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Sales Total Half A Billion Dollars In Two Years
John Collins, director of Pennsylvania’s Office of Medical Marijuana, said this week that the state’s medical marijuana program has generated more than $500 million in revenue from medical cannabis sales. A couple points of reference to underscore how impressive that figure is: Colorado only just passed the $1 billion threshold earlier this year for its… View Article

Pro-Cannabis Movement LGN Says Legalization in Indonesia is “Very Possible”
Nestled between the Indian and Pacific oceans is the largest island country on the planet – Indonesia. Home to more than 240 million people, the sun-drenched archipelago is rich in culture, brimming with nature and suffused with a culinary scene that rivals most. If there is one thing that the Southeast Asian country is missing,… View Article

Founder of Cirque du Soleil Under Investigation For Growing Cannabis
The founder of Cirque du Soleil says it was all for personal use, but it is unclear if the government of French Polynesia cares. 60-year-old Guy Laliberté is being investigated in conjunction with a drug trafficking case after police saw photos on a man’s cell phone of the billionaire’s alleged marijuana cultivation operation. The plants… View Article

Nearly 500 Growers Receive Warning Letters from Humboldt County
Nearly 500 suspected cannabis growers in Humboldt County have received letters from local officials urging them to cease cultivation activities and warning of future enforcement if they fail to comply. The letters from the Commercial Cannabis Cultivation unit of Humboldt County Code Enforcement were sent last week to approximately 470 residents suspected of operating un-permitted… View Article

Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board Fires Its Director
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — The board that regulates Alaska’s legal marijuana industry voted Wednesday to fire the director it shares with state alcohol regulators, a move director Erika McConnell maintained lacked justification. The Marijuana Control Board voted 3-2 to fire McConnell, following last month’s vote by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board to dismiss her. Wednesday’s… View Article

Cannabis Grower Launches One Of Canada’s Largest Rooftop Solar Facilities
It’s no secret that energy-hungry indoor grows have a heavy environmental cost. In Canada, it is estimated that cannabis cultivation ate up the same amount of energy as 1.7 million homes — and that figure comes from 2017, before the country’s federal legalization of marijuana. At least one company is taking steps towards addressing the… View Article

Cannabis Party Bus, Dab Space Station, Bursts Into Flames In Colorado
It’s not uncommon for cannabis businesses to end up the target of property crimes. Typically, that takes the form of retail shops being broken into and robbed. But a cannabis business owner in Denver, Colorado says his company was the target of something much different: arson. The Dab Space Station—a party bus aimed at giving… View Article

Basketball Player Dion Waiters Suspended For Weed, Refuses to Snitch On Source
NBA guard Dion Waiters of the Miami Heat has been suspended for using weed gummies after he suffered a panic attack on a flight from Phoenix to Los Angeles. And, according to sources, he’s remaining tight-lipped about the source of his stash, who is reportedly another player from the Heat. News of the story first… View Article