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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses Delayed Until January 2019
The path to legal marijuana in Arkansas has been rocky at best. Though voters in 2016 approved a medical cannabis measure granting access to patients with certain conditions, residents have seen a plethora of stumbling blocks from anti-pot Republicans and legal complainants. On Tuesday, one more hold-up was announced: the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission is… View Article

Cannabis Use Disorder is on the Rise. Scientists are Trying to Find Out Why
The widely successful efforts to legalize and decriminalize cannabis have dramatically shifted the conversation on the drug. Emphasizing cannabis’ myriad health and wellness benefits as well as the historical harms and injustices of criminalization, those efforts have downplayed the drug’s potential risks. But for the same reasons that researchers have only a vague understanding of… View Article

Senate Could Vote on Trump-Backed Federal Cannabis Legalization Tuesday
The United States Senate could vote to legalize cannabis at the federal level on Tuesday if Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado can successfully amend a prison reform bill now under consideration. Gardner said in a statement that he planned to attach provisions of the STATES Act to the First Step Act, a prison and… View Article

Survey Shows Teen Vaping Increasing While Other Substance Use is Decreasing
Teen vape use is skyrocketing. But the phenomenon is so viral that public health researchers have had little time to study it. Indeed, a recent survey shows that in a short time, vaping has surpassed all other methods of consuming substances except for drinking. In other words, more teens partake in vaping than smoking cigarettes,… View Article

Inmate Suing for Right to Smoke Cannabis as Part of His Religious Practice
Rastafarian inmate James Rose has sued the South Carolina Department of Corrections for violation of his religious freedoms while imprisoned. Primary among his demands are that his jailers allow him to grow out his dreadlocks and smoke marijuana, a cornerstone practice of the faith that originated in Jamaica. In his lawsuit, Rose reports that his… View Article

New York’s Governor Cuomo Will Prioritize Legalizing Marijuana
Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York has made the legalization of recreational marijuana for adults a primary goal for the first 100 days of his new term. Cuomo, who was reelected in November’s midterm elections, announced his administration’s priorities for 2019 in a speech to the New York City Bar Association on Monday morning. “We… View Article

Ontario Will Limit Number of Dispensaries Allowed Within the Province
In an about-face from earlier positions, provincial lawmakers in Ontario today announced that it will place a limit on the number of private dispensaries that will be allowed to open in the province. Initially, Ontario planned for a gradual rollout of recreational retail without any limits on the number of private dispensaries. But in an… View Article

Iowa Considering Two More Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana Program
Heeding the pleas of parents convinced that their kids’ severe autism could be helped by cannabis consumption, members of the Iowa Board of Medicine voted on Friday to expand the conditions for which medical CBD oil can be prescribed. Ulcerative colitis and severe autism were added to the list of conditions cannabis can be used… View Article

Letters From a Pot Prisoner: Mario Ramos is Proof that Cannabis isn’t ‘Legal’
Mario Ramos of I Bud You, Inc. spent one year and 20 days in jail for growing 226 plants, also known as a non-violent cannabis crime. A multi-decade advocate and activist, he wrote us this impassioned letter while serving time at Morris County Correctional Facility in New Jersey. Details on Mario Ramos’ story is to come…. View Article

Student Convicted After Being Tricked Into Trafficking Over $125k Worth of Weed
Zixian Long was an arts student at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland. As the fall semester came to a close last December, Long’s final term, she remembers finishing up her final projects when her mother approached her about a free travel opportunity. Long’s mother had been contacted by a person she met on the… View Article