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Researchers Aim To Combine Psilocybin and Cannabis Into Single Medical Treatment
The company, CaaMTech, first received a patent in support of the research in 2021. An article published Wednesday on the website Greenstate explains that the company “develops pharmaceutical drugs for mental health conditions like depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder,” and is now “researching the therapeutic value of psilocybin in combination with cannabinoids.” “Through their research, CaaMTech has… View Article

NY Regulators Reach Settlement, Clearing Way for Pot Retail in Finger Lakes
Regulators in New York said Tuesday that the state had reached a settlement with a Michigan cannabis business, clearing the way for the Empire State’s regulated marijuana industry to be fully implemented, specifically including the Finger Lakes region. The five-member panel of the New York Cannabis Control Board unanimously approved the decision to settle with… View Article

New York Regulators Will Launch Cannabis Farmers Markets ‘Within A Month’
Regulations and red tape make it hard to sell cannabis in New York. Currently, just over a dozen licensed retailers are actively operating in New York. By introducing a marijuana farmers market, more retailers could sell their products as regulators continue to work to license and set up more legal brick-and-mortar storefronts. Officials say the… View Article

California Agency Awards Over $50 Million in Cannabis Tax Funds to 31 Organizations
The California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) announced that it is once again giving a handful of grants to various health departments and non-profit organizations on May 25. The agency is utilizing cannabis excise and cultivation taxes to fund $50 million in fiscal year 2022-2023 and awarded funds through the California Community… View Article

Former Steeler Le’Veon Bell Says He Was High During Games
Former Pittsburgh Steeler Le’Veon Bell said in a recent podcast that he’d score touchdowns and win games—even if he smoked pot beforehand. Bell, who is now a free agent, had short runs with the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers after leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers—the place he truly calls home in his… View Article

Minnesota Becomes 23rd State To Legalize Recreational Cannabis
On Tuesday, Gov. Tim Walz signed the cannabis legalization bill into law, officially making Minnesota the 23rd state in the nation to legalize recreational cannabis. At the signing ceremony Tuesday, Walz recognized that prohibition “does not work,” adding that he and fellow lawmakers are looking to start the expungement process for qualifying Minnesotans. Walz also… View Article

Hong Kong Police Seize $83M of Cocaine, Cannabis
Hong Kong police seized HK$650 million worth of cocaine and cannabis in the biggest haul uncovered this year, South China Morning Post reports. Authorities arrested four men aged 25 to 32 on suspicion of drug trafficking.  Confiscated in a three-day-long operation, which concluded last Friday, the Hong Kong narcotics bureau seized a whopping 592kg of… View Article

CarMax Employee Caught Allegedly Shipping Three Pounds of Pot to Work
When in doubt, it’s probably not a good idea to ship felony amounts pot to your workplace—especially not on your day off.  A box containing about three pounds of cannabis was found in a parcel at a used car dealership, which was addressed to an employee at CarMax in Gastonia, North Carolina, according to the… View Article

Louisiana House of Representatives Passes Cannabis Expungement Bill
The Louisiana House of Representatives recently passed a bill to improve the state’s expungement program for cannabis possession convictions. Rep. Delisha Boyd sponsored the bill, which passed with a 69-30 vote. “House Bill 286 is a request for a reduction in expungement fees in first offense marijuana. I’ve worked closely with the DA association, sheriffs,… View Article

Pot Smoking Ban Takes Effect In Amsterdam’s Red Light District
A new era kicked off in Amsterdam’s Red Light District on Thursday, with a ban on smoking cannabis on the streets officially taking effect. The ban is part of a city-wide effort, pushed by Mayor Femke Halsema, to make the famous area more hospitable to its residents and workers. According to Reuters, signs “were posted… View Article