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Doctor Who Uses Medical Marijuana Sues After Being Denied a Gun
A Pennsylvania doctor and medical marijuana patient is suing for his right to own a gun. Dr. Matthew Roman, who practices medicine in Philadelphia, maintains that his Second and Fifth Amendment rights were violated when he was denied the right to purchase a gun. The suit against the U.S. Department of Justice and Acting Attorney General… View Article

The IRS is Reportedly Overwhelmed by Cash Payments from Marijuana Businesses
While all other business in the United States pay their federal taxes by check or electronically, state-legal cannabis businesses pay their taxes in a rather old-timey way. The company schedules an in-person appointment with their local IRS office. When the company representative arrives, they’re shown to a secure space where, in front of two IRS… View Article

Double Barrel and Verano Announce Exclusive Cannabis Business Partnership
Specialty vaporizer manufacturer Double Barrel announced that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Verano Holdings that will create new markets for its patented flagship product. News of the deal was revealed at the opening of MJBizCon, a cannabis industry convention taking place this week in Las Vegas. Under the deal, Double Barrel will… View Article

Weed Scams are Trending on Instagram—and People are Falling for Them
Ngaio Bealum (@ngaio420), writer, comedian, and resident cannaseur on the Netflix show Cooking on High, told High Times that he makes his connection to California’s legal pot industry obvious in his Instagram posts. Little did he know that by doing so, it made his social media identity vulnerable to imposters attempting to scam people. “I got… View Article

Canadian Officials Report No Spike in Impaired Driving After Cannabis Legalization
In the lead up to Canada’s world-historic legalization of cannabis on October 17, most public and official debates about the law centered on how to best implement it–not whether legalization was a good idea. But one anti-legalization talking point in particular remained lodged in the national conversation: the concern over a post-legalization spike in drug-impaired… View Article

FDA Seeks New E-Cig Regulations in Response to Spike in Teen Vaping
A spike in teen vaping has spurred the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to seek new rules governing e-cigarettes. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced the proposed regulations in a statement on Thursday. If adopted, the new rules would prohibit flavored e-cigarette products from being sold in stores and websites used by children. They would not apply… View Article

Las Vegas to Expand MJBizCon to Weeklong Cannabis Trade Show
The cannabis world is currently in the middle of what has become one of the largest and most important industry events: MJBizCon. Hosted in Las Vegas, the annual conference and trade show has seen explosive growth in recent years. So much so that the city of Las Vegas has just announced plans to extend the… View Article

Healthcare Networks in Ohio Prohibit Doctors from Recommending Medical Cannabis
Ohio’s medical cannabis law went into effect in September 2016. But the program’s implementation has faced a number of delays and setbacks. As a result, the state only began issuing licenses in September of this year. So far, Ohio has approved 300 doctors to recommend medical cannabis program. Regulators process and approve more applications every… View Article

House Reps. Announce Trio of Bills to Make VA More 420-Friendly for Veterans
A bi-partisan duo of congressmen from Massachusetts and Florida will co-sponsor a trio of bills that, together, would help make the Department of Veterans Affairs more responsive to veterans who use and are interested in seeking medical cannabis treatments. Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, a Democrat and former Marine Corps office who fought in Iraq, and… View Article

Sacramento May Raise Limit on Cannabis Dispensaries to Promote Racial Equity
The Sacramento City Council is considering lifting the cap on cannabis dispensaries allowed in the city in an effort to promote racial equity in the city’s marijuana industry. Sacramento has had 30 cannabis dispensaries doing business in the city since 2014. Even when the sale of recreational cannabis became legal at the beginning of this… View Article