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California Bill To Bar Employment Urine and Hair Drug Tests for Cannabis Advances
A bill that would add protections to employees in California who consume cannabis off the clock is advancing and could head to the Senate floor shortly. The bill would disallow job discrimination from employers, in most cases, based on urine or hair tests that detect only inactive metabolites of THC. Urine or hair tests only… View Article

Former NBA Player Iman Shumpert Arrested in Texas for Cannabis Possession
Former NBA athlete Iman Shumpert, known for playing on teams such as the New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Sacramento Kings, Houston Rockets, and Brooklyn Nets, and also the Dancing With the Stars Season 30 champion was arrested for cannabis possession last week while traveling. Shumpert was in possession of 6.2 ounces of cannabis in his… View Article

New Mexico Cannabis Sales Hit $40 Million in July
State officials in New Mexico announced this week that sales of regulated cannabis topped $40 million in July, setting a new record since legal sales of recreational pot began in the state earlier this year. The Cannabis Control Division of the Regulation and Licensing Department noted the figure tops the monthly purchases of regulated cannabis… View Article

A Pocket Full of Felonies
My flight leaves in about 12 hours and the anxiety I usually feel starts to set in. I’m not nervous about the flight at all; at this point, after doing comedy for a decade, I’ve gotten used to flying. No, I’m nervous because I’m a stoner doing 10 shows in five cities in North and… View Article

Oregon Psilocybin Rules Set To Be Finalized in December
The Oregon Health Authority’s Oregon Psilocybin Services Section is currently working on finalizing a regulatory framework to manage psilocybin legalization. While currently partnering with the Psilocybin Advisory Board, these rules are expected to be released by Dec. 31, 2022, as license applications will open up starting on Jan. 2, 2023. The culmination of regulating psilocybin… View Article

NFL Star Aaron Rodgers Used Ayahuasca Before Dual MVP Seasons
NFL star quarterback Aaron Rodgers revealed this week that he traveled to South America to take ayahuasca before being selected as the league’s most valuable player two seasons in a row, saying the potent psychedelic concoction changed his mindset and markedly improved his mental health. Rodgers made the revelations about his experiences with ayahuasca during… View Article

Russian Court Finds Brittney Griner Guilty in Drug Trial
A Russian court on Thursday found American basketball star Brittney Griner guilty of drug charges and sentenced her to nine years in prison, the culmination of a trial that has stirred tensions between Moscow and the United States. Griner, who has been detained since February, appeared in the courtroom earlier in the day to appeal… View Article

California Lawmakers Approve Bill Authorizing Safe Consumption Sites
The California Senate took new strides in the effort to control the steep increase in drug overdose deaths this week with the passage of legislation to authorize safe consumption sites in the state. The measure, Senate Bill 57 from Democratic Senator Scott Wiener, was passed by the Senate on Monday after receiving the approval of… View Article

Study Finds Genetic Link to Effects of Psychedelic Drugs
Common genetic variations in a particular serotonin receptor could be responsible for the varying effects psychedelic drugs have on different individuals, according to a recently published study from researchers at the University of North Carolina. The study, which comes at a time of reinvigorated research into the potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelic drugs, could shed… View Article

Cannabis Industry Seen as a Target for Union Expansion
The cannabis industry is seeing a need for unions as more workers are hired and more states legalize. There is an increasing call from workers for better conditions, wages, and benefits, and unions are getting interested.  Cannabis is continually bringing in more money for the U.S. economy. In 2020, the industry brought in a total… View Article