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Study: German Patients Have ‘Greater Satisfaction’ With MMJ Than Previous Treatments
It’s no secret that cannabis can work as an alternative to other longstanding medicinal options as it pertains to curbing and treating pain and related symptoms. A number of studies have already confirmed the efficacy of cannabis and its compounds as it relates to pain management, though a new study suggests that patients believe it… View Article

New Jersey Cannabis Agency Approves Consumption Lounges Rules
The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC), which manages the rules and regulations of cannabis in the state, met on Jan. 17 and unanimously approved regulations for consumption lounges. According to a CRC press release, the rules would need to be approved by the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law, but after that occurs, dispensary… View Article

Liquid Cocaine Disguised as White Wine Seized in Hong Kong
A multi-million dollar cocaine smuggling attempt was thwarted last month when Chinese customs officials discovered the cocaine had been converted into liquid form and disguised as white wine.  According to the South China Morning Post, two men local to Hong Kong were arrested in connection with a shipping container sent from Brazil to Hong Kong… View Article

Michigan Adult-Use, Medical Cannabis Sales Reach $3.6 Billion in 2023
New data from the Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) in Michigan revealed that the state collected more than $3.6 billion in adult-use sales last year. Compared to the $2.3 billion in sales collected in Michigan in 2022, the most recent sales data shows 30% growth. According to Crain’s Detroit, that amount equates to $305 in cannabis… View Article

Green Rush Leaves ‘Ghost Town’ of Grow Facilities in Ordway, Colorado
Is a town in Colorado the first to become a cannabis ghost town? Westword’s Thomas Mitchell reported that the green rush of cannabis business licenses in Colorado left the town of Ordway a “ghost town,” filled with vacant growing operations. Hasn’t this happened before? Out of the hope of profitable veins of gold sprung boomtowns… View Article

Tens of Thousands of Drug Arrests Reported in Sri Lanka Since December
Thousands of arrests of drug users and drug dealers have been reported in Sri Lanka in less than two months. According to reporting by the Associated Press, Sri Lankan authorities have initiated a crackdown operation on the drug trade in a country known widely for its role as an international narcotics trafficking hub. This crackdown,… View Article

Suspected Small Ocean’s Worth of Ice Found Under Surface of Mars
Images taken using radar technology of an area near the equator of Mars have revealed what appears to be massive deposits of ice buried underneath the surface of the Red Planet. According to a press release from the European Space Agency, if the radar images do turn out to be water ice, it would be… View Article

Report Says Minnesota Needs at Least 381 Dispensaries, Examines MJ Consumer Habits
Minnesota legalized adult-use cannabis in 2023 and medical cannabis back in 2014, and with the emergence of the pending market comes a new report documenting the cannabis habits among consumers in the state. While the report primarily looks at consumption and buying habits of Minnesotans, it also notably suggested that the state will need a… View Article

Proposal in Washington Seeks to Raise Legal Cannabis Age to 25
In 1996, California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana. Following this, 40 states along with the District of Columbia have legalized the medical application of cannabis. Additionally, the District of Columbia and 24 states have allowed cannabis for recreational or adult-use (although four have yet to launch their commercial retail markets). In all… View Article

Missouri Courts Request $3.7 Million for Expungement
A clerk from the Missouri Supreme Court recently shared in a House of Representatives committee meeting on Jan. 17 that the state has expunged 103,558 cases involving people with cannabis convictions. However, many older court records are not digitized, and it is requiring a lot of time and effort on the parts of circuit clerks… View Article