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Iowa Considering Two More Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana Program
Heeding the pleas of parents convinced that their kids’ severe autism could be helped by cannabis consumption, members of the Iowa Board of Medicine voted on Friday to expand the conditions for which medical CBD oil can be prescribed. Ulcerative colitis and severe autism were added to the list of conditions cannabis can be used… View Article

Letters From a Pot Prisoner: Mario Ramos is Proof that Cannabis isn’t ‘Legal’
Mario Ramos of I Bud You, Inc. spent one year and 20 days in jail for growing 226 plants, also known as a non-violent cannabis crime. A multi-decade advocate and activist, he wrote us this impassioned letter while serving time at Morris County Correctional Facility in New Jersey. Details on Mario Ramos’ story is to come…. View Article

Student Convicted After Being Tricked Into Trafficking Over $125k Worth of Weed
Zixian Long was an arts student at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland. As the fall semester came to a close last December, Long’s final term, she remembers finishing up her final projects when her mother approached her about a free travel opportunity. Long’s mother had been contacted by a person she met on the… View Article

Nebraska State Senators File Initiative to Legalize Medical Marijuana
Two state senators tired of their peers’ inaction on the issue have announced the creation of a 2020 ballot measure campaign to put the future of medical pot in the hands of Nebraskan voters. Lincoln’s Anna Wishart and Adam Morfeld submitted the paperwork to establish campaign committee Nebraskans for Sensible Marijuana Laws on Thursday morning…. View Article

California City of Fresno Finally Legalizes Medical Marijuana
Medical cannabis patients, caregivers, and advocates are saying better late than never to Fresno City Council’s 5-2 vote to legalize medical dispensaries. Like others across the state, the California city had passed resolutions opting out of the state’s medical and adult-use cannabis industries. But on Thursday, members of City Council, led by Councilman Clint Olivier,… View Article

Medical Cannabis Convenience Store Opens in Maine
After voters approved adult-use cannabis legalization in 2016, Maine lawmakers haven’t let outgoing Gov. Paul LePage’s veto power stand in the way of the will of the People. Back in May, state legislators overrode LePage’s veto of a bill legalizing adult-use retail sales. And in July, they overrode the governor’s veto of a medical marijuana… View Article

Evicted Elderly Medical Marijuana Patient Dropped from Healthcare Program
Days after being evicted from his apartment—and then invited to return—for his legal possession and consumption of medical cannabis oil, John Flickner says his healthcare provider has suddenly dropped him from his Medicaid/Medicare program. Without access to doctors and transportation to healthcare facilities, the 78-year-old man who was just last week without a home is… View Article

This Alcohol Industry Association Wants Cannabis Prohibition to End
A major player in the alcohol world is backing marijuana legalization, and it’s not shying away from sharing its position with those in power. The Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) recently participated in a briefing on Capitol Hill to reiterate its stance that the feds should allow states to make their own decisions… View Article

Scientists Are Trying to Breed Cannabis Plants With Consistent Cannabinoid Levels
Agriculture technology companies are competing to develop new strains of cannabis plants that can produce consistent cannabinoid levels and thus offer consumers repeatable, predictable effects. The goal is far from new—and likely ancient. Only now, top plant scientists are working toward it in multi-million dollar labs for massive retail cannabis companies, instead of underground breeders… View Article

Health Canada Implements New Pesticide Testing Laws for Licensed Producers
Canada’s had a bumpy start to legalization. From large-scale data breaches to finding bugs and mold in the flower, Canada’s legalization effort proves that a lack of legislative preparation can impact the wellbeing of the public. As of Nov. 8, however, Health Canada released mandatory cannabis testing requirements to monitor and limit pesticides-use among licensed producers… View Article