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Utah’s Largest Healthcare Provider Authorizes Medical Marijuana Recommendations
Utah’s largest healthcare provider has authorized its doctors to recommend the use of medical marijuana for their patients, according to media reports. Intermountain Healthcare announced on Thursday that it has established a system to issue recommendation letters to patients with qualifying health conditions who could benefit from cannabis. Mark Briesacher, the Intermountain chief physician executive, said… View Article

Man Arrested After Offering Weed Wax in Exchange for Fast Food Delivery on Facebook
By any measure, a gram of wax is a solid deal for a double quarter-pounder, two fries, and two large sodas. For 22-year-old Brian Starliper of Idaho Falls, convenience—and the possibility of making a new friend—outweighed cost. “I’m too lazy to get up and go to McDonald’s myself tbh,” Starliper wrote on Facebook. But Facebook,… View Article

Iconic Florida Bar Will Be Converted Into Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Stratford’s, the oldest bar in Hollywood, Florida, will soon be converted into a medical marijuana dispensary, according to media reports. First opened in 1938, Stratford’s Bar moved to its current location east of Interstate 95 on Hollywood Boulevard in 1944. The tavern was purchased by Stadlen Family Holdings for $1.5 million on Jan. 28 and… View Article

North Carolina Bill Would Legalize Possession of Up To Three Ounces of Weed
A new bill proposed in Raleigh would make it legal to legally possess up to three ounces of cannabis for personal use. State senator Paul Lowe, a Democrat from Forsyth County, proposed SB 58, which would decriminalize low level drug possession. It would also allow for some past offenders to have North Carolina drug violations… View Article

Arizona Judge Rules Walmart Discriminated Against Medical Marijuana User
Another ex-employee has won in court after losing their job due to their authorized possession and use of medical marijuana. It’s a story that’s repeating itself across the country. So much so, in fact, that New York lawmakers want to ban most workplace THC tests the moment the state legalizes marijuana. This time, however, the… View Article

Bank Officials Urge Congress to Allow Cannabis Businesses Banking Services
Bank officials and cannabis industry representatives joined together on Wednesday to urge Congress to allow marijuana businesses access to banking services. At a hearing of the House Consumer Protection and Financial Institutions Subcommittee, lawmakers heard from advocates of the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act of 2019 who are seeking support for the bill. Due… View Article

Georgia Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Allow Growth, Sale of Medical Marijuana
A bill introduced in the Georgia House of Representatives would legalize the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana. Georgia has had a limited medical marijuana program since 2015. Under the program, patients with one or more qualifying medical conditions who register with the state may possess cannabis oil with less than 5 percent THC. But there… View Article

Some Legalization Activists Skeptical of Newly Pro-Pot 2020 Candidates
There’s no denying it: pro-pot regulation views are practically requisite for Democrat aspirants to the 2020 presidential nomination. But an article published Wednesday in the Washington Examiner interviews activists who have long been struggling to push for expanded access to cannabis, and who don’t take kindly to fair weather marijuana friends. “I think they put… View Article

Parolee Sues Minnesota Department of Corrections Over Medical Marijuana Denial
Darrell Schmidt suffers from anxiety and PTSD. He’s also on parole. But his court-granted supervised release is in jeopardy, because he uses medical marijuana to treat his mental illness. Despite his state authorization to possess and consume medical cannabis in Minnesota, Schmidt’s parole officer threatened to revoke his parole over his use of the drug,… View Article

Michigan Predicts Over $18 Million in Medical Marijuana Tax Revenue This Year
The governmental green rush is on in Michigan. The state’s Bureau of Marijuana Regulation has announced that its nascent medical marijuana program sold $30.2 million of medical product in the first four months of operation. That should equal some $1.8 million in sales taxes, and $112,800 in excise tax paid to the state. Medical marijuana… View Article