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Former President of the Philippines Reveals She Uses Medical Marijuana
The Philippines has seen a rapid reversal in attitudes towards cannabis among its political elite. President Rodrigo Duarte joked that the stuff helps him stay alert last year. On Tuesday, former president and current House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo hyped marijuana’s power to vanquish her persistent neck pain. “As you know I have my problem here (cervical… View Article

Mass. Court Ruling: Police Can Arrest for Drugged Driving Based on Observations
A court in Massachusetts has ruled that police can make arrests for drugged driving based on their personal observations. The state Supreme Judicial Court made the ruling on Monday in the case of Mark J. Davis, who was pulled over on the Massachusetts Turnpike and arrested by Massachusetts State Police in July 2015. Troopers said that Davis… View Article

High-Level Coalition Launches Campaign Supporting Legalization in Minnesota
As a congressman, Tim Walz pushed the Department of Veterans Affairs to study medical cannabis for military veterans. And now, as the newly elected Governor of Minnesota, Walz wants to make it the next U.S. state to legalize marijuana. In fact, Walz’s tax-revenue-generating, economic-opportunity-creating, racial-disparity-reducing stance on legalization led Forbes to predict that Minnesota would… View Article

Cop Caught with Child Porn Serves 90 Days in Jail; Man Selling Weed Gets 5 Year Sentence
A former Ohio police officer will serve just 90 days in jail for child pornography charges while a Louisiana man will serve 5 years for conspiracy to distribute marijuana, according to a report from The Free Thought Project. Last week, former Columbus, Ohio police sergeant Dean Worthington was sentenced to 9 years in prison after pleading… View Article

Original Series “Grow House” Premieres Today on High Times TV
High Times TV is thrilled to premiere the new original series, Grow House. Starring newlywed cannabis advocates Liz Grow and Patrick Pope, Grow House explores the modern cannabis scene in the United States, while striving to normalize and destigmatize the plant—and its consumers. The series follows Liz and Patrick as they travel across the country to visit states that… View Article

Canadian Citizen Sentenced to Death in China for Alleged Role in Drug Ring
A Canadian citizen has been sentenced to death by a Chinese court for his alleged role in a drug ring that attempted to export methamphetamine to Australia. The Dalian Intermediate People’s Court in China’s northeast province of Liaoning handed down the death sentence against Robert Lloyd Schellenberg of Abbotsford, B.C. in a hastily staged retrial of an earlier conviction… View Article

Bill to Allow Medical Marijuana on School Property Introduced in Washington House
Today marks the first day of work for Washington State Congress, and the session was kicked off by a bill proposal affecting students who have been prescribed medical marijuana. Aberdeen representative Brian Blake announced the filing of HB 1060, which would allow children to be administered medical marijuana on their school grounds, on the bus,… View Article

Man Leaves Two Pounds of Pot in Uber, is Arrested Trying to Retrieve It
A Pennsylvania man who left two pounds of pot in an Uber driver’s vehicle was arrested by police when he tried to retrieve the weed. Malik Mollett, 21, was arrested by undercover state troopers on January 9, according to media reports. Mollett had hailed a Uber near Pittsburgh late last month, but at the end of… View Article

Rhode Island Governor Plans “With Reluctance” to Propose Legalizing Marijuana
Throughout her first term as Governor of Rhode Island, Democrat Gina Raimondo fought efforts to move the state toward legalizing cannabis. But at the start of her second term, Gov. Raimondo is waving the white flag, conceding that unless Rhode Island wants to be an actual island of prohibition surrounded by legal marijuana states, and… View Article

UConn’s New Cannabis Course Brings Scientific Rigor to the Art of Growing
Beginning next week, students at the University of Connecticut have the chance to take a pioneering new course in cannabis horticulture. The course, titled “Horticulture of Cannabis: from Seed to Harvest,” aims to train students in all aspects of the cannabis cultivation process. Importantly, this course represents progress on multiple fronts. For starters, it is… View Article